Canoeing Madrid Club CIENCIAS

The club is organized into
different groups which the partners go according to their level of training, interests or hobbies.

The children who come to the club are welcomed into the
SCHOOL, where in a fun way they acquire the skills and values ​​of our sport. After passing through the school may continue group INTRODUCTORY TRAINING which are introduced progressively in sports training, with small doses of commitment, discipline and effort characteristics of this sport without losing sight of the social and recreational canoeing. The last step is the TEAM 's Club. If you are passionate about canoeing and are looking to improve your performance and are willing to meet the commitment required training, the club offers the exciting possibility.

These three steps can go in the
Flatwater mode and KAYAKPOLO.

If you arrive at the club as an adult , the initiation is performed through
a four-day course enables you to continue as a member of the club in your schedule to practice non-competitively. This is the majority practice partners that are committed to PIRAGÜISMO HEALTH. Combine the rowing on "Lago" reservoirs with outputs as "Picadas" or the "Tajo" in Aranjuez.

The club also offers the possibility of collective PIRAGÜISMO DAYS. These sessions , two hours, are designed for schools, birthdays, corporate groups or friends who want to have fun paddling in the "Lago" or playing a game of KAYAKPOLO.

For more information;
Ana +34 619 849 562